Review of The Blue Enchantress by M. L. Tyndall


Betrayed by the man she longed to marry, Hope Westcott is about to be auctioned off as a slave to the highest bidder on an island in the Caribbean . After enduring a difficult childhood in an unloving home, Hope?s search for love and self-worth have led her down a very dangerous path. All she ever wanted was to find true love and open an orphanage where she could raise children with all the love she never experienced as a child.? But how can a woman with a sordid past ever hope to run an orphanage, let alone attract the love of an honorable man?

Determined to overcome the shame of his mother?s past, Nathaniel Mason worked for many years to build his own fleet of merchant ships in an effort to finally acquire the respect of Charles Towne society. Ignoring the call of God on his life to become a preacher, he forges ahead with his plans for success at a distant port in the Caribbean , when he sees a young lady he knows from Charles Towne being sold as a slave. In an effort to save Hope, he is forced to sell one of his two ships, only to discover that her predicament was caused by her own bad behavior. Angry and determined to rid himself of her as soon as possible, Nathaniel embarks on a journey that will change the course of his life.

My review:

The Blue Enchantress is another excellent story from M. L. Tyndall. I have read all of this author’s books to date. This story contains the typical Tyndall fire that all good romances must possess for me to thoroughly enjoy them. The kisses are just scorching enough (for a Christian romance novel) to make the reader breathless. The back and forth tug of war between the characters and the misunderstandings was also very well done. I particularly enjoyed the character arc with Hope and how much she grew through her suffering. I loved how she had to learn to forgive herself and allow God to unconditionally love her. Isn’t it true that before we can love ourselves or unselfishly love someone else, we must fully understand God’s unconditional love for us? That was SO well done. The tension was just right, too. Overall the pacing was good, but there was a small slow spot in the middle. I can’t recall where that was, but it didn’t last long and I plowed right through to the end. I am looking forward to the third installment in this series. I can’t get enough of this author’s books and the adventures her characters have as they travel across the seas. I highly recommend this story to people who love books with romantic tension and a strong spiritual element.

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